Mountaineers think and go Beyond.


Sohan and Olivia believe that the second you are admitted to and step foot on the campus of West Virginia University, you belong to something unlike ever before. You are now a Mountaineer. You belong to this community, no matter your race, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. Of course, we all belong to the university in the sense of being students here, but being a Mountaineer means more than that. You now belong to a home of unique individuals with a Go First mindset. Some initiatives we hope to accomplish under this platform include:

  • Improving the recruitment & retention of minority students, faculty and staff;
  • Creating more transparency in paying student fees and registering for classes;
  • Increasing freshman awareness on resources WVU offers through residence halls and freshman seminar classes;
  • Working closely with student organizations to support their goals and initiatives year-round.


College is a time where everyone really transitions from adolescence to adulthood. With the opportunities at an R1 research institution, a land-grant university, a fostering for 500+ organizations, a city where 120 different languages are spoken, and a home to 30,000 students, you can become anything. Some initiatives we hope to accomplish under this platform include:

  • Working with the Provost’s Office and the Carruth Center to create sensitivity training to have a better understanding on how to support students and their mental health struggles;
  • Working in alignment with the administration to create a satellite office for the Carruth Center downtown and/or expand the Let’s Chat series;
  • Creating more opportunities to get students a professional headshot;
  • Working with the WVU Alumni Association to create more networking opportunities between students and alumni.


Being a Mountaineer and becoming who you are is not where it ends at West Virginia University. They work tirelessly to find a cure for Alzheimers, to construct an EcoCar, and to capture the history of the world around them. They work for something that is Beyond what is ever imaginable – for something Beyond themselves. Some initiatives we hope to accomplish under this platform include:

  • Working with Strategic Initiatives & the university administration to provide Uber & Lyft codes at late hours to prevent drunk driving;
  • Finding a way to include Electronic Student IDs in the Apple Wallet – where they can be used and accessible in all settings;
  • Advocating for more sustainable lighting and initiatives in all future university buildings, including renovated buildings;
  • Implementing a program on ways to make campus more accessible;
  • Building a stronger relationship with other SGA’s within the state, Big XII, and nation to be able to advocate for students on the state and federal level together;
  • Laying the groundwork for SGA, WVU, and the community that will last long after we’ve left the university.